Friday, November 7, 2008

NFL Predictions Challenge update - the meter

You may have noticed by now, but many of you are reading this through a blog reader so you haven't noticed, but there is a new graphic on the right side of this page that keeps track of the NFL Predictions Challenge.

I named it the DDDC (Dan, Dan, Derry & Craig) NFL Second-Half Weekly Predictions Challenge. I know it kind of oversimplifies the event, but I was trying to keep the name from getting too long!

If you're looking at it and wondering why the star behind my face is green and all the others are blue, it's because I'm a Packers fan (yes, I'm admitting it) and the rest love the Colts.

I hope you enjoy following this challenge as much as we'll enjoy being part of it!


Dan & Nancy Erickson said...


derryprenkert said...

That's right. 1-0.

Anonymous said...

How does 3DC sound for your name...I know you weren't asking but I thought I'd offer.