Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NFL Predictions Challenge - Week 3

OK, last week was good for me (13-1-1) but there are several games that are going to be tough to pick this week. I've got a 3-game lead on Derry and a 5-game lead on both Dan and Craig, but I just hope to maintain that with these picks:

Bengals at Steelers - This is not one of those tough games I was talking about. I still think the Steelers are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. And I still think the Bengals are legitimate No. 1 Draft pick contenders.

at Lions - This is another easy pick. There are some tough ones coming up, I promise.

Jets at Titans - This one might not seem like a difficult pick, but the Titans are bound to lose some time and the Jets just proved they can beat really good teams with an overtime win against the Patriots. I think the Titan's first loss doesn't come until at least week 16.

Bills at Chiefs - The Bills are not the team everybody thought they were early in the season, but they're not as bad as the Chiefs. Man, there are some really bad teams in the NFL this year, huh?

Bears at Rams - This might be just what the Bears need after a blowout against the Packers last week. Kyle Orton, Matt Forte, Greg Olsen and maybe even Devin Hester could have a great day in St. Louis. The Rams ... probably not such a great day.

Patriots at Dolphins - Somebody, whose name starts with a C and ends with a G, suggested that I'll probably pick the Patriots to win the rest of their games. But, his record in this challenge is 18-11 so that tells you how accurate he is with predictions! The Dolphins beat the Patriots earlier in the year, but I don't think the Patriots are going to get swept by a division rival.

Vikings at Jaguars - I hate to say it, but this could actually be a good game. Both teams still have a lot to play for. Both have pretty decent defenses and exciting running backs. I won't be watching it, but maybe you should!

Eagles at Ravens - The Ravens are bound to win a big game, and I think this qualifies. Two reasons why I think the Ravens win: I like this kid, Joe Flacco; and the Eagles tied Cincinnati last week!

Texans at Browns - Win No. 2 for Brady Quinn. I like the direction the Browns are heading with Quinn at quarterback. If Braylon Edwards would just remember that he's a Pro Bowler and Jamal Lewis would rush for 100 yards just once (fantasy owner angst), the Browns will be OK. I don't think they're going to make the playoffs, but at least they can make this season respectable.

49ers at Cowboys - Plain and simple: Good team vs. Bad team.

Raiders at Broncos - Neither team is good, but the Broncos can put up some points.

Redskins at Seahawks - The 'Skins stay alive in the wild card hunt. The 'Hawks start contemplating who the best prospects are for the 2009 NFL Draft.

Giants at Cardinals - When I said there were some tough games to pick, I was mostly referring to this one. The Cardinals are GOOD (4-0) at home. Brandon Jacobs may not be 100% for the Giants. Eli vs. Kurt. Wow, that was a tough choice.

Panthers at Falcons - Did you know that the Panthers are 8-2? How did I miss that? Wow.

Colts at Chargers - Here's another of the tough ones. The Chargers seem to have the Colts' number lately, but I really like the direction the Colts are heading. Even if they lose, the Chargers' remaining schedule is quite favorable and they can still catch the Broncos in the West. Honestly, one of the reasons I picked this way is because I'm assuming the rest of the guys are going to pick the Colts. We'll see.

Packers at Saints - Yet another difficult pick. I'm sort of going with my heart, but also the fact that the Saints have been quite disappointing this season. I love the way the Packers ran the ball last week and I think they're passing game is always a threat. The defense will have its hands full, especially if Reggie Bush is back.