Sunday, November 2, 2008

NFL Predictions - Week 1

I like sports. A lot. Ask my wife. (sound familiar?)

Lately, my favorite sport to watch has been shifting from college basketball to NFL football. Although, we'll have to see if that changes once the college basketball season gets into full swing.

For now, I'm all about the NFL. And while I have some growing allegiance to a certain NFL team happening, I'm still pretty neutral about most games.

Today begins Week 9 of the 2008-09 NFL season, which starts the second half. Technically, since there's 17 weeks, the second half really starts at the second half of today's games, but that's just silly.

Having watched the first half of the season and getting a pretty good feel for most of the teams, I'm going to start posting weekly predictions for every NFL game. I'll continue picking all the way through the playoffs and keep track of my record.

Anyone want to challenge me? If so, we can start the challenge next week since I'm posting this about three hours before kickoff of Week 9. If you want to challenge me, just leave me a comment and it's on!

Here's this week's picks:
(Winners are in bold italic)

Jets at Bills
Lions at Bears
Jaguars at Bengals
Ravens at Browns
Packers at Titans
Buccaneers at Chiefs
Cardinals at Rams
Texans at Vikings
Dolphins at Broncos
Falcons at Raiders
Cowboys at Giants
Eagles at Seahawks
Patriots at Colts
Steelers at Redskins


Todd Owens said...

I disagree with your picks of the BROWNS, PACKERS, VIKINGS, DOLPHINS and PATS.

Though I don't feel confident about of the above enough to talk smack.

Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

Consider yourself challenged (you know I love challenges). It's so on...