Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NFL Predictions Challenge - Week 2

After one week of this challenge I am in a tie for first place with Derry at 10-4. Dan Erickson is alone in third place at 9-5 and Craig is in fourth at 8-6.

It's time for round two as we pick all the games in Week 11 of the NFL season.

Jets at Patriots - I feel like Matt Cassel is settling in, gaining confidence and getting comfortable. That said, the Jets' defense is pretty solid. That said, Randy Moss and Wes Welker have yet to see a defense that can shut them down. That said ... I got nothing else.

Broncos at Falcons - I just think the Broncos are bad and the Falcons are becoming a really good story for this NFL season.

Eagles at Bengals - Even though they lost, the Eagles looked pretty impressive against the Giants last week. Last year I thought Donovan McNabb might be washed up, but on the contrary, he might be one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the league right now.

Bears at Packers - This is not me just picking with my heart (like some Colts fans tend to do). I really had a hard time deciding on this one. In the end, I think the home team has a slight edge. I won't be surprised if the Bears win this one.

Texans at Colts - The Colts seem to be putting the pieces together. I don't think they can catch Tennessee in the AFC South, but rolling the Texans this week will keep them in the Wild Card hunt.

Saints at Chiefs - How did the Saints go from one game away from the Super Bowl just two season ago to a team you're not sure can beat the Chiefs? I still think the Saints win, but won't be surprised if I'm wrong.

Raiders at Dolphins - I just found out that the Dolphins are only one game back in the AFC East? What??!!! Well, cruising past the Raiders this weekend and a loss for either the Jets or Pats keeps that division very interesting.

Ravens at Giants - I firmly believe the Ravens are a team that could do damage if they make the playoffs, but a loss to the Giants this week is not going to help them in that quest. The Giants are just too good.

Vikings at Buccaneers - I don't feel good about picking either of these teams, but again the home team gets the edge.

Lions at Panthers - Looking at the Lions' schedule the rest of the season (at Carolina, Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Minnesota, at Indy, New Orleans and at Green Bay) it's not that crazy to think they could go winless.

Rams at 49ers - The Rams are not as bad as the Lions, but still can't pick them - even against a 2-7 team.

Cardinals at Seahawks - After pulling off a close win Monday night, I think the Cardinals come out hot and put this game away early.

Chargers at Steelers - I still think the Steelers are the real deal. If this game were in San Diego, I might not feel so certain of this pick.

Titans at Jaguars - Could this be the week the Titans lose their first game? Don't think so.

Cowboys at Redskins - Tony Romo is back. The Cowboys are fighting for their playoff lives. Clinton Portis is questionable. Cowboys get revenge for the two-point loss earlier this season.

Browns at Bills - Again, is this seriously a Monday Night game? Well, maybe Brady Quinn gets his first win in the NFL.

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