Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NFL Predictions Challenge - Week 1

OK, here we go!

This is the second week for me to make my picks, but the first where I'm challenging Craig and Dan. Craig already made his picks, clearly going with his heart (which bleeds Colts blue)! Dan's picks are certainly coming soon. Check those blogs to see how they compare with my picks.

Also, if you want to join the challenge, there is still time. There is a NFL game Thursday night so just make sure you let me know and get your picks published before that game starts!

NFL Week 10 picks:

Broncos at Browns - This is because I think the Broncos may have the worst defense in the NFL, not because I have a great amount of confidence in the Browns, even with Brady Quinn starting. I hope he does well, but it may take a few games before he settles in and gets comfortable.

at Falcons - The Falcons are a big surprise this year, but I think the Saints get a big conference win. Drew Brees might be the best QB in the NFL right now (thanks to Tom Brady's injury and Peyton's sub par year so far).

at Bears - If Kyle Orton was playing, I might go the other way. I don't trust Sexy Rexy and I don't think the Bears can completely stop the Titans' running game.

Jaguars at Lions - No way the Jags lose to two winless teams in a row!

Seahawks at Dolphins - Dolphins are another surprising team. So are the Seahawks, just in a bad way.

Packers at Vikings - I'm starting to really like the Packers. It's obvious why they were able to say goodbye to Brett Favre and go with Aaron Rodgers at QB. I think the Vikings keep it close, but lose in the end. Bonus prediction: Greg Jennings scores at least one TD in this game, maybe two.

Bills at Patriots - No chance the Patriots lose two weeks in a row. Anyone care to guess when the last time they lost back-to-back games was?

Rams at Jets - Brett Favre does just enough to beat the Rams, but not before making you think he's going to throw the game away with a costly interception.

Ravens at Texans - I think the Ravens are going to be tough to beat the rest of the season. They're starting to score some points and the defense is tough. The Texans are rising, but not there yet.

Panthers at Raiders - Panthers are just better. That's it.

Colts at Steelers - I believe in the Steelers. The defense is solid. The offense is effective. This is no doubt the game of the week and it should be a close one. This is a tough pick and I won't be surprised if I'm wrong here.

Chiefs at Chargers - San Diego better get right quickly or missing the playoffs is a real possibility. I think LT goes off in this game for a couple TDs and more than 100 yards. Who knows, he might even throw a TD pass. It's about time for that, right?

Giants at Eagles - If Colts-Steelers is the game of the week, this is a close second. I think the Giants keep Donovan McNabb on the run, hurting the passing game.

49ers at Cardinals - Kind of a boring MNF game, but the Cardinals are pretty good. The defense is for real and Kurt Warner could throw for 450 yards and 4 TDs. By the way, is there a tougher guy in the NFL than Anquan Boldin - are you kidding me? How is he back to an elite level after that nasty injury?

By the way, the last time the Patriots lost two games in a row was in the 2006 season, losing to the Colts on November 5 and the Jets on November 12.

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