Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NFL Predictions - Week 13

Last week was bad for all four of us, which was good for me because I kept a pretty healthy lead. I said last week had some tough games to pick, but this week may be even tougher. Here we go:

Titans at Lions - A really good defense against a poor offense. A strong running team against a poor defense. At least you'll be eating pumpkin pie while you watch this one.

Seahawks at Cowboys - Another big week for T.O. and Romo?

Cardinals at Eagles - If the Cardinals win this one, you could make a pretty strong argument that they're the second-best NFC team, right?

Niners at Bills - But who cares?

Ravens at Bengals - Again, a good defense against a poor offense. This one should be a gimme for the Ravens.

Colts at Browns - The Colts are really putting it together lately. The only hope for the Browns is that it's really, really, really cold (and maybe snowing) on Sunday!

Panthers at Packers - Man, this is a tough one. I want the Packers to win, and I have no doubt that they can, but the Panthers are pretty good. Maybe weather will play a factor.

Dolphins at Rams - The Dolphins can't give up now, there's still hope!

Saints at Bucs - If this pick is right and the Packers do beat the Panthers, things get really interesting in the NFC South.

Giants at Redskins - The Giants are GOOD.

Falcons at Chargers - Michael Turner shows the Chargers what they could have had if they had kept him, making the NFC South even more interesting.

Steelers at Patriots - Game of the week, without a doubt. I'm not feeling too confident in this pick. I actually chose the Patriots first and then changed my pick.

Broncos at Jets - Jets are playing so well, but can they close out the season strong and win the division?

Chiefs at Raiders - Blaaahhh.

Bears at Vikings - HUGE game in the NFC North, especially if the Packers beat the Panthers. I think the Bears have to win this game if they hope to win the division because they've still got to play the Jaguars, Saints, Packers and Texans.

Jags at Texans - What the heck?

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