Friday, April 18, 2008

Buzz Cuts - Part 2

I haven't been able to talk David into the buzz cuts yet. He keeps saying, "Tomorrow." I don't know where he gets that from.

I've also got some opposition to the cuts because my wife doesn't want a couple of shaved heads in our next family picture, which we plan on having taken in the next few weeks. So, for now, actually getting buzz cuts is postponed.

Don't worry though, that doesn't mean I can't think of other fun stuff to do with David - which, by the way, is the point of this series.

If we get the chance this weekend, maybe even tonight, David and I are going to mow some grass together. He loves to ride on the tractor. He usually falls asleep if I let him ride too long and then I'm stuck trying to steer with one hand and hold him upright with the other. He's only 3 but the kid is getting heavy so my arm usually falls asleep then I have to stop and carry him inside.

I know it sounds like it could be kind of a hassle, but I love it! It's the best way I know of to mow grass.

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