Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MD Challenge - Part Deux Update 3

I talked with Derry today about the Challenge and he seems like he's about ready to crumble under the pressure and step in the ring. So, if you feel a need to challenge him this week - don't hesitate!

Dan asked about sabbaticals from the challenge and I'm beginning to think he's not fully committed to it.

No, Dan, there are no sabbaticals once the challenge starts. I just wanted to give Rob a chance to prepare since he committed to the challenge while on vacation. Once it starts, it's no pop at all no matter what fun event you are taking part in. I suppose you could have a mint julip when you go to the Derby!


Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

1. I am fully committed. But like a child, I need to determine my boundaries (something I am learning from my daughter at the moment).
2. Consider Derry officially challenged (that doesn't sound quite right).
3. Have you ever HAD a mint julep? I mean, I get one every year at the Derby just because it's tradition, but they're not very good. Now, at the Oaks, the traditional drink is the Oaks Lily, which is actually quite good. Still, I'm not going to be hammering back Juleps and Lilys all day (not that it wouldn't be fun). I think I can get Lemonade and maybe break my "no bottled water" rule.
4. Is there a prize of some sort other than better health and improved self-esteem? As you know, I'm a big fan of prizes.

Anonymous said...

Can I join the challenge and instead of pop (since i don't drink it anyway) I will abstain from candy, sugar, sweets, chocolate... you get the idea. What do you think??