Friday, April 11, 2008

Vacation Planning

We're 55 days away from our trip to Southern California and we need to start thinking about a vacation budget (sometimes being an adult stinks).

As I was doing some research today, I realized just how important a budget will be. With all there is to do in the San Diego and Los Angeles area, it would be easy to spend a fortune. Since we don't have a fortune to spend, we're going to have to make some tough decisions.

I'm going to list some possible excursions along with their prices and you let me know what you think the best values are (if you can really call them values at these prices).

Sea World ($59 adults/$49 kids)

Wild Animal Park ($34 adults/$24 kids)

Lego Land ($60 adults/$20 kids)

Knott's Berry Farm ($50 adults/$20 kids)

Disney Land ($66 adults/$56 kids)

I did not list the San Diego Zoo because we've decided that's one we are definitely going to do. While you're thinking about the prices, remember that we'll have to pay for two adults and two kids.

One more think I didn't list is a San Diego Padres game. I was worried about the prices of this, but I found out today that the Padres have an afternoon game against the Mets while we're there. Also, it's a 2-for-1 day, and if we sit in the right field bleachers ($10 a seat) there's a "beach" for the kids to play in. So, that's on the must-do list.

Here's a picture of Petco Park - I'm very excited. I hope Johan Santana is pitching for the Mets that day!


derryprenkert said...

You've been to Disneyworld. Disneyland is nothing in comparison. Not that great of deal when including last year's experience.
I'd also axe Knott's Berry Farm due to the location (add in gas prices) and types of rides (a little extreme for your kids).

I've heard GREAT things Sea World and Animal Park, yet those are both animal attractions (much like the zoo).

Lego Land sounds really cool and your clearly getting the best deal on your kids.

But, now you can take the cost down by two cents since I've just given you mine.

Shelley said...

Since I am just returning from Sea World in Orlando, I give it a hearty thumbs up. It is quite different from any other theme park, but has a lot more to offer than just going to the San Diego Zoo (which I also recommend). Your kids will enjoy the entertainment factor of Sea World (rides and shows) and the Shamu show will leave you breathless. As for Lego Land, I am a mother of 1 daughter and 3 sons and found my daughter quite bored with it, but my sons loved it. Disneyland is like kissing your sister - not fun - and pales in comparison to Disney World. Let your children not have their memories of Disney be marred by Disneyland. All in all, I am all for anything cheap such as the baseball game, I endorse Sea World since it will be enjoyed by the whole family, and would add in Lego Land if finances permitted. Just some thoughts.