Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking Forward to May

I can't believe it is almost May and yet I'm so excited for May because there's a lot of awesome stuff happening in May. Then, in June, we're going on vacation and I'm thrilled about that too!

I've already told you about the Mountain Dew Challenge - Part Deux and Mustache May, but here's a list of some of the other great stuff coming up in May, by date:

1 - First Softball game of the season.
1 - Mustache growing begins
3 - First Serve Saturday at Prairie Camp. I'll be taking pictures of this event (hopefully on the new camera I ordered for the church!)
3 - Tyrus Graverson's birthday party
4 - Volunteer Appreciation Night (another event I'll be photographing)
6 - Derry and Janelle's 8th anniversary
11- Mother's Day (and I've got a great surprise for my wife)
25 - Derry preaches with a mustache
27 - My 8th anniversary
30 - Hanah's birthday
31 - Last day of mustache growing

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