Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He Came Bearing Gifts

As I was working at my desk yesterday, I got a visit from someone I've never met face to face before. In fact, the only communication the two of us have ever had was a comment he left on my blog.

Who was it?

Jon Andrews walked into my office carrying an ice cold Diet Mountain Dew. He offered it to me, saying, "I'm going to win."

Jon's lack of familiarity with me showed up right away because I replied, "Good thing I don't like Diet Mountain Dew."

He replied, "Where's Simpson?" knowing Jeff likes Diet Mt. Dew.

Then he walked across the building to our pop machine, purchased a cold can of regular Mt. Dew and brought it back to my office. I regifted it to Derry.

Apparently, Jon not only has too much time on his hands, I may ask him for a loan next time I'm in financial trouble. He bought Mt. Dew for three of the Mountain Dew Challenge contestants yesterday!


Todd Owens said...

Good thing I live almost 3 hours away!

Anonymous said...

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