Monday, April 21, 2008

MD Challenge - Part Deux Update 2

Wow! The weekend yielded several more challengers for the Mountain Dew Challenge - Part Deux. As of right now, we have 5 competitors, but there's still time to join!

In addition to Jeff and I, Rob Henschen, Jon Andrews and Dan Erickson have decided to enter the ring. We're still waiting to hear from Derry Prenkert!

For those that have joined, and for anyone considering joining, here are the rules:
1. It's called the Mountain Dew Challenge, but that's not totally accurate. I call it that because Mountain Dew is my nemesis, but the challenge includes any pop. Jeff struggles with Wild Cherry Pepsi and some people struggle with other pops, like Big Red (can you even buy that any more?). So, the challenge is to abstain from any pop.
2. There really aren't any more rules.

The whole challenge is based on the honors system, so each competitor is accountable for reporting his failure, whenever that occurs.

The first Mountain Dew Challenge lasted 41 days, so be prepared for at least a month of abstinence if you want to win!

One more thing: Since Rob is on vacation we'll wait until next Monday to start. So, you've got a week to load up, or start weening yourself!


Jeffrey Simpson said...

Let me remind your readers that you were the leader of the "First Great Fall." For the record, Wild Cherry Pepsi is NOT my nemesis, unlike me and you starting Wednesday.

Jeffrey Simpson said...

...and then, I see you are postponing it. Chicken.

Dan & Nancy Erickson said...

Sweet- I've got visitors this weekend, so it'll be nice to be able to drink the pop. Further clarification- are vacations considered a sabbatical from the challenge? What about the Kentucky Derby? What about Cub's games? What about weekends in general? Umm... I can see that this may be something of a challenge.

Are you going to make a helpful "Pop Challenge Widget" for our blogs?

Todd Owens said...

Considering I drank 116 oz. of pop (soda) today alone on my trek to Nappanee, maybe I should join!

Hi, my name is Todd and I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper, otherwise known as the drink of the gods.

And Henschen is a wimp. Vacation, smacation.

Thanks again for the help today!!