Monday, April 21, 2008

Experience Beats Energy

Saturday was a fun day because the kids and I got to watch my wife play volleyball. Her women's team, which normally only plays in Chicago, played a pair of matches against the Bethel College team Saturday in Mishawaka.

I am so proud of my wife and her teammates. They swept the first match 3-0 and then beat Bethel 3-2 in the second match.

Katie's team is made up of former Bethel players ranging in age from about 26-34. Two of them are pregnant. Two others have 5 children between them.

So, it's pretty impressive for that team to not just compete with, but beat a team of current college players - a team that won a national tournament last season.

To be fair, some of the players on my wife's team are some of the best players Bethel ever had. Julia Reininga, who is now the coach at Bethel, was an NCCAA and NAIA All-American. Katie, Lisa (Davis) DeJesus and April (Allison) Russell were all part of the first team in Bethel history to make the NAIA National Tournament. Lisa and Katie were also Indiana All-Stars in High School.

Yes, I am bragging. I'm incredibly proud of my wife and the fact that she's still playing volleyball at a high level.


Becky said...

You should be bragging!
Your wife is beautiful, physically fit, passionate in her desire to follow Christ,and great fun. You have hit the jackpot on that one Dan!
Plus, the more she knows how proud you are of her, the easier it will be for her to continue playing.
Many women don't do enough to challenge themselves physically or bring a little competitive joy into their lives becuase they feel "guilty" to leave the family.
Shoot, maybe I'll get inspired to get off my butt. :)

Lynette said...
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